uPVC Mock Sash Horn Windows

Manufactured using the same high-quality Kömmerling profiles used in our casement windows, our mock sash windows offer the highest levels of security and energy efficiency, as well as classic heritage looks. Be assured that mock sash windows achieve the same high quality and energy performance specifications necessary for any new build or home refurbishment project.

Our mock sash horn windows use a fully sculptured run-through horn which is part of the actual casement profile, not to be confused with the cheaper stick on ones used by many other manufacturers.

Features of our uPVC mock sash windows

  • Run-through horn feature – not stuck or screwed on after manufacture
  • Traditional timber look – authentic Victorian character
  • Adds value for very little extra cost – our sash horn windows are only slightly more expensive than our standard windows
  • Helps to make a property stand out in the crowd especially when incorporated with vertical Georgian bar glazing
  • Available in all foiled colours