Fascia, soffit and gutter (collectively known as roofline) is a commonly overlooked but principal part of your home’s exterior. Your existing timber roofline components are characteristically porous and once the weather has penetrated the exterior finish it is only a matter of time before rot sets in and leaks and damp began to appear. Water ingress paves the way for woodworm and countless other vermin to set up home in your roof space that can result in overwhelming costly damage. Secure Trade Frames Ltd can replace your damaged roofline with new, modern, maintenance free uPVC products in numerous colour finishes.

Please be mindful that we will only undertake to fully replace your original timber roofline – we do not cover over or cloak with thinner, cheaper uPVC products. Covering over your timbers only conceals your rotting issues and as the decaying persists the problem will only worsen and become a much bigger and more expensive threat to the condition of your home.