French Double Doors

uPVC French Doors

Double or French doors can be a very dramatic addition to your home. Simply throw open your doors to let the outside in, resulting in a much more airier living space. The centre-opening uPVC double doors not only give a more classical appearance than uPVC sliding patio doors, they also open fully to the width of space available, providing a much more practical solution. The double doors can be supplied as open inward or outward and are available in a wide range of side panel combinations and with all the usual foil colour options.

For those people who do not have a home with a double door please be aware that in many homes in the UK it is quite straight forward to remove a rear window and lower brickwork to provide the aperture for a set of double doors.

Composite French Doors

Originally only available in uPVC, French Doors (double doors) are now available in composite material and therefore are afforded all the benefits of our full single composite door range. French Doors can also be manufactured as ‘off-set’ style meaning that one door is larger than the other, ideal for homes that have narrow openings.