Customarily the most affordable kind of conservatory type the Lean-To is a timeless classic. Ideal for those homeowners who like a smart, simple and airy look. Due to the fact that the roof pitch can be varied to suit each individual location, this conservatory style is typically used on low pitch applications e.g. bungalows and extensions.

A practical and flexible conservatory style, the Lean-To comes as standard with a full width sloping roof, however, by adding hipped ends to your roof the Lean-To will benefit from a new contemporary appearance.

Hipped Lean-To

The hipped lean-to roof style brings a new and uniquely contemporary interpretation to the standard lean-to roof and is perfectly suited to the new generation of conservatory buyers who are looking for style and value for money.

The hipped rafters at the corners of the roof replace the angled ‘wedge’ shaped ends traditionally found on the standard lean-to roof style. This extra glazed section allows additional light to flood in, delivering a bright, airy and modern feel