CE Mark

CE Marking is a declaration that a product meets the performance characteristics of the required standards for each industry under EU law.

From 1st July 2013 it became a legal requirement for all windows and external doors brought to market in the UK to prove that they have been manufactured to the performance characteristics required by the Construction Product Regulations. A Declaration of Performance certificate that shows how the product conforms to this legislation must also be made available to prove conformity.

For the window industry, the persons responsible for CE Marking will be the company that brings the completed frame including glass to market, effectively the manufacturer. For companies or individuals that buy their glass from a separate source to the frames, they will then become the manufacturer and will therefore be responsible for their own Declaration of Performances, effectively having their own CE marking criteria.

Secure Trade Frames Ltd complies fully with the minimum requirements of EN 14351-1:2006.

BFRC Energy Rating

The British Fenestration Ratings Council or BFRC is the premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors. BFRC rated energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors carry a ‘rainbow’ label similar to those found on fridges, freezers, washing machines.

The BFRC label clearly indicates the rating of the designated window or door (A++ to E) depending on the energy efficiency levels achieved by the manufacturer. A++ is the most energy efficient, E the least efficient.

During the rating process the energy efficiency level is verified by BFRC, which is totally independent of any manufacturing or installing company. Manufacturers of BFRC rated product and BFRC Authorised Installers are audited to ensure that their energy efficient windows and doors are achieving the stated rating.

The BFRC energy ratings allow you to compare varying window and door products and choose the most suitable for your home.


What Is FENSA?

FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) is a government-authorised Competent Person Scheme (CPS) that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. Each FENSA Approved Installer, from large national brands to small local companies, is assessed regularly by us to ensure its compliance to building regulations is continually maintained.

What FENSA Does

FENSA’s mission is to improve window and door replacements across the UK, by professionalising installers and protecting homeowners. We make sure the work complies with building regulations, is energy efficient, and registered with the local council. We also verify that every FENSA Approved Installer’s guarantee is insured.

Certified Compliance

After the work is complete, your FENSA certified glazing company will register the installation online. Within a few weeks you will receive a certificate in the post to demonstrate that the work complies with building regulations. You should keep this certificate because you will need it if you decide to sell your property. If you lose the certificate, it is possible to re-order it via the FENSA website, although a small fee applies.

If you are installing windows yourself, then you will need to get a Building Notice certificate issued by your local authority. If you use an installer that is not FENSA registered, then they will need to get a certificate either through the local authority or through a different issuing body. 

When is FENSA Not Required?

A FENSA certificate is not required for new build houses, extensions, conservatories, orangeries, commercial premises, listed buildings, external porches, detached garages, caravans, mobile homes and any repair work.

Why Should a Homeowner Use a Company Authorised by FENSA?

Your installer needs legally to be a member of a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) such as FENSA, which is to your benefit as you are avoiding local authority inspections and fees. Beyond the financial aspect, individuals and firms approved as a Competent Persons Scheme member will have undergone strict vetting procedures and are routinely inspected by FENSA representatives to ensure Building Regulation compliance is maintained. Any breaches of protocol having to be immediately rectified or members are suspended until the remedial works required to ensure compliance are undertaken. If UK homeowners always ensure that their installer is a CPS member like FENSA, this will encourage more companies to sign up and reduce the likelihood of rogue traders in the market. FENSA is the brand trusted by all local authorities, government and industry regulators. Therefore, homeowners should look for this logo when considering their potential glazing company. 

Failure to Comply

The penalties for failure to comply with building regulations are very severe, so do not simply take it on faith that a contractor is able to self-certify and provide you with a certificate. When considering your quotations and well before you decide upon your preferred window company to install your order, you should establish what trade body they are a member of and be sure that they can provide you with a certificate. 

Why Do I Need to Keep My FENSA Certificate? 

It is important to keep this safe in your records because if you choose to sell your home in the future the solicitor of the person buying your property will request a copy. If you are unable to provide a certificate the house sale will be delayed. If you are having trouble finding your original copy, you can easily re-order a certificate, but note as of May 2019, each certificate required costs £25.00 including VAT. To order a replacement FENSA certificate online visit 

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